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Trilateral’s commodity information services provide customers with personalized market insights rooted in proprietary research, and a reliable network of trusted industry experts.

Our goal is to provide clients with sound, objective opinions. Therefore, we strive to eliminate emotion from decision making. This is achieved by incorporating and weighing our proprietary analysis of fundamental supply and demand conditions, technical analysis, outside markets, and investment fund trends. 

With the assistance of Trilateral’s detailed information and advisory services, you will be equipped with the confidence to make informed purchasing decisions.

We issue market insights daily, weekly, monthly or on an as-needed basis. Furthermore, we will work directly with you to develop a unique set of reports specific to your needs. In addition to market insights, one of our experienced Senior Analysts will be assigned to your account, and provide you with any further assistance you may need.

Weekly Technical Reports

Technical analysis is one of the most trusted tools used in formulating our outlooks and recommendations.

At the core of technical analysis is confidence that prices reflect all publicly available information, and that investor response to new information tends toward patterned behavior revealed in “price action.”

  • Weekly Technical Update
  • Meats and Livestock
  • Short-term Natural Gas
  • Short-term Heating Oil/Diesel
  • Short-term Cocoa
  • Short-term Sugar
  • Short-term Special Updates

Daily Grain and Market Weather News

This daily report includes a recap of overnight news and events affecting grain markets. For example, the report may feature geopolitical events key to domestic and international market developments. To clarify, this morning report always includes: a recap of overnight news affecting grain markets, weather forecasts, crop reports, export sales, and overnight sales.

Fundamental Bakery Newsletter

This weekly report provides an in-depth focus on both technical and fundamental issues key to flour and edible oil buyers. Specifically, it includes regional basis and millfeed updates, weather trends, and outside-market developments affecting commodity markets.

Dairy Fundamental and Technical Update

We publish special dairy updates whenever there is breaking news, or a release of market-altering global dairy data. Each update includes a comprehensive update of recent global dairy market news and developments.

Livestock and Protein Update

Our weekly Livestock & Protein Update recaps all pertinent information applying to the cattle and hog markets.  Specifically, the report examines cash market activity, cutout values, and all relevant news stories since the previous update. Furthermore, we  analyze daily and hourly charts to form a technical outlook, and forecast prices.

Natural Gas Market Update

Trilateral’s Natural Gas Market Update focuses on the EIA Natural Gas Storage Report. Moreover, it includes information on rig counts, supply & demand factors, and weather forecasts. Lastly, the Nat. Gas Market Update features a technical perspective of the futures market and 24-month strip prices to provide a forecast with risk & reward analysis to assist in developing your hedging approach.

Poultry and Eggs Update

While this report may be about birds, it is certainly not “for the birds”. To be specific, the Trilateral Poultry & Eggs Update covers all information and trends pertinent to broilers (and their cuts), turkey, shell eggs, and egg products. Lastly, this update is issued monthly, or on an as-needed basis if there is breaking news.

Technical Commodity Market Update

The Technical Commodity Market Update provides an assessment of the maturity of current market trends. Additionally, the report imparts an outlook as to the direction of future price action. As famous commodity trader Richard Dennis once said, “Everything known is reflected in price.” Therefore, technical analysis is a study of the global market perspective on supply & demand fundamentals and market psychology. Our weekly Technical Commodity Update showcases our analysts’ abilities to incorporate and balance technical and fundamental analyses, money flow, and outside market influences. Consequently, the Technical Commodity Update serves as the basis of our advisory views.



Diesel-Heating Oil Update

With a focus on the EIA storage report, the Heating Oil-Diesel Fuel market update is published weekly.  This report also recaps the most salient stories from the news-saturated, global energy markets.  A technical perspective is included to help buyers make informed decisions about risk and reward in purchasing their diesel fuel needs.

Commodity Fund Positions

“Money flow”—the trading activity of large speculative funds—is a key market price driver that can affect both volatility and push price trends to extreme levels. While fundamentals ultimately determine trend direction, fund trading activity can push trends to extreme levels beyond those that are arguably justified by supply and demand factors. Trilateral factors fund trading activity in its outlooks and reports publicly available updates to our customers on a daily basis.

Focus Markets

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Canola oil

Palm oil



Meats and livestock



Natural gas

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