Trilateral Technical Blog

Benefits of Working with Trilateral

We transact actual physical product purchasing as an outside agent. This provides unique insights and perspectives compared to other advisory groups.

We tailor recommendations based on proprietary research that blends and balances our analysis of four distinctly different perspectives: fundamental supply/demand conditions, technical analysis, outside markets, and fund trends.

Bottom line, we strive to remove emotion from your decision making.

  • Less volatile operating margins

  • Improved stability of revenue streams

  • Lower average commodity and ingredients prices

  • More competitive pricing to your customers

  • Better budget control

Who Uses Trilateral?

Anyone with exposure to volatile ingredient and commodity input costs, including:

Baking companies

Meat processors

Dairy processors


Poultry processors

Feed and food manufacturers

Food wholesalers and retailers

Foodservice operators

Component pricing can lower average commodity and ingredient prices up to 20%.